A series of fiction, dreams and horrors: The genetically modified goldfish clown troop.

A series of fiction, dreams and horrors: When we dream do we enter a world that is entirely our own or do we in fact enter a world that is anything but our own and is in far more out of our control than our waking lives?

She was walking down the road her hair bouncing along with her, the sun was setting gentle behind the buildings. There was a hole in the fence around the old house which was scheduled to be remodelled in 6 months she wanted to have a look inside so she slipped though the gap in the fence to have a quick look around before going home.


She walked in, past the kitchen then up the stairs and past the bathroom an looked out the window on to the road at the fading orange light, it looked beautiful. She took a few pictures and was about to leave when she saw someone in the door way. They didn’t look quite human and when it steped out of the shadows it was clear it wasn’t.


Get me the sink it said, the secret sink. I know you can find it for me. She looked on in disbelief and then followd it into the next room where there were more of them. They were dressed as clowns but had the bodies of goldfish only too big and more human looking. She guessed they were just another gentic experiment that had gone wrong or not to plan and got flushed down the toilet. Scientist really need to get rid of their waste better, they have got so slack with the new policys on it.


He explained they were a troop of clowns and freaks as a day job and they looked for the sink at night. She had no idea what the sink was and had no idea whre it was but thy weren’t going to let her go until she found it.


But why would she want to go when she could join the mutants? There was nothing for her at home. They didn’t like this idea so she tried to run. In the night she got out a spoon and started to dig at the wall and was just squeezing tough when she was grabbed by a scally limb and pulled back in, as she struggles she brushed against its gills and shivered.


Days passed and no one missed her. The mutants seemed to forget about the sink and they were going to leave for a tour up in the north, she was to go with them and to become part of the troop. She was used to them by now and didn’t have any problems with it. They left the day before the construction workers were to come and survey the house. Under the light of the street lights they were picked up by the circus van.

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