Sleeping Sun

One morning the sun never came up and the plants began to die as the mice and the rats partied endless. The spirit of the moon knew this could not last and followed the river to look for the sun, he had taken a lot of valuim as he had had trouble sleeping but now seemed unable to wake up. The spirit of the moon didn’t know what to do, he curled up next to the sun and he too slept a while when he awoke it was still night and the sun was still asleep so he went over to the river and walked into the water, he kept walking until he was totally submerged and the fish were swimming around him, they spoke in whispers and the fish swam in swirls around him, they then ascended from the water together and swam into the air high above the river. The fish dance in the air and he knew where he must go. Along the river banks he walked in the shallow water until he came to the crossing of the streams where he followed the next one until in came to the waterfall under which was the cave of the kippers of crimson. He entered the cave and was greeted by the fish swimming in the air, he whispered to them gently and gave the one who came nearest a very gentle kiss, the kipper nodded and he returned home. The sun came up and the rats and the mice fell asleep exhausted and the moon spirit tucked them in, then sat down and looked over the field at the aftermath of the party, then up at the sun and he smiled, he was awake again and the plants were coming back to life again and the berries beginning to grown among the spikes of the black berry bushes.

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