Oh the tales of the murder clown is not one to tell but its being told anyhow. Last night he was seen moving away he had left the town before the light of day. He liked to drink coffee with spice, as he sat in the café during the day but by the light of the night he would kill. He was troubled for sure and a bit inscure. He hung around the financial districted and liked to paint the bankers faces as a clown before he decided to shoot them down with his midnight rays of blue. A blue as deep as the night sky and even more sinister he would shoot to kill from his magic gun, he sometimes went for lawyers too but the law never seemed to catch him. Was he a ghost, no one is sure, but the one thing we know is if he was seem at your office door you would be seen no more. He never slept and he bearly ate and was a shocking sight to behold. He wore dark eye make up the colour of black berries and he wore a one piece in dark check, there were small spikes in the sleeves…sleeves that fell long over his hands and he wore boots up to his knees in a dark red with laces of velvet tied tight. Although he left the city that night he did not leave unnoticed. He left a trail of painted lawyers behind, it lead to the train station from where he had departed but where he is now we do not know.

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