Hidden Corporate Whores

Jarvis cocker has done an advert for Sainsbury’s. I am completely heart broken that yet another person I thought was brilliant and even someone thought I would like to be like, is just another sell out.

He has done the voice over for the try something different advert where they simply add another ingredient to an apparently boring meal. for example adding instant coffee to Bolognese. HOW ORIGINAL.

I have also worked for Sainsbury’s too so i hope being this distraught about the advert isn’t hypocritical. I needed the money to help me though uni and to try and start a creative career, but this is someone who has a book published, had a show on radio 4, had his own tv show and was the lead singer of pulp. How can a person go from all that to doing a voice over on an advert for Sainsburys?

Can he really need the money that badly? Pulps song disco 2000 is also in an advert at the moment and all this just seems to point to a sell out. Is no one immune to the corruption of the corporate world? Most people will end up working for a company they don’t support on the launch of their careers, thats completely understandable, what I don’t get is why once someone has made it they would sink back down to that level.

I hate seeing my hero selling food on TV.


Jarvis Cocker fan fiction

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3 Responses to Hidden Corporate Whores

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  2. Steve says:

    It’s only a voiceover, anyone who is on radio becomes a ‘voice’ and does this kind of work. John Peel did numerous ads and still has everyone’s respect (including mine). I would rather hear such as their voices on TV than some z-list reality celeb. Save your heartbreak for if or when Jarvis appears on ‘i’m a celebrity’ or something similar!

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  3. It is only a voice over and I completely see where you are coming from, I hope that I never have to watch him on I’m a celebrity that would be awful! Despite trying to rationalise it as you have I cant help feeling completely disappointed. I’m pleased there are people like you out there that are less cynical than me


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