Men and women in suits gather to see performance piece which takes place on a small set of scaffolding on wheels.

The scaffolding is in an old building which has been disused for a few years and has been covered in graffiti, the window frames free from glass and the doors are gone. The building is still safe but dirty; the audience stand to watch the performance the suits juxtaposed the graffiti.

The performers are dressed all in tight black clothing and all look gender neutral; they enter through the glassless window. One climbed to the top of the scaffold and stood on the top followed by the second who stood next to the first facing the other direction, both standing with their legs apart and arms linked and pointing upwards. The third held the scaffold at the base, dragged it to forwards and turned it around a few times on the spot with the two staying firmly put on top.

The third performer climbs up to the top of the scaffold as the other two get down on all fours, the third stands with one leg on each of the performers backs as two more enter through the window who together spin the scaffold in the same way as before. They now climb to only the first platform and hold on with one hand and one foot sticking out the edges in a sort of a star form. The audience is watching quietly. Two of the top three drop to the first later and stretch a stack line diagonally across the set and hang down from it holding on with both their hands and their legs. The single person left on the top starts a stereo attached to the side of the scaffold and stands still.

The other performers all get off the scaffold, two go to one side of the room and the other two drag the scaffold to the opposite side of the room, together they push it to the other two who push it back again where it’s held still. The one remaining on the scaffold drops a hoop that hangs down between the top and first layer and sits in the hoop, then drops into and upside down pose with one leg bent and the other straight. The scaffold is dragged to the centre and  spin the set. As it spins two climb onto it and resume the star shapes.

The one in the hoop swings into an upright position the set is brought to a stand still. The other climb aboard. They climb to the top and get I to position with their feet above their heads so that their feet meet each other’s, the performer in the hoop goes into an upside down star shape and the music stops. All stay still for a moment before quietly removing the hoop and slack line then exiting through the window they had entered.

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