A couple of dreams

Dream one:

I was messing around with my retainer in my mouth, someone else was there doing the same things with there’s like it was a game and we had to try and do the same tricks as each other like kids do in a playground. Mid game I went into labour.

I gave birth to a soggy pair of grey socks in a ball, the way some people put them away after they have washed them. There was someone else with me and I assume they were the other person who was expecting a baby. We were both really disappointed that this was all there was, I had put in quite a lot of effort to birthing this ball of socks. We weren’t convinced that was it so we turned the lining of my womb inside out like you do a pocket, the inside was exactly like a pocket: square with pocket fluff and all but there was nothing else in there.

Dream two:

My friend had a stall at a ‘creative people connect’ event she was selling amazing earring she had learnt to make that were full of stones and bells. Her stall was covered in bright fabric in a market in a hallway. After the hall way was a computer room where other creative work was happening, there was a short wall you could look over half way across the room to make room for more sockets and computers to set up. I sat down at one to write. I saw some old friends from school and one of them wanted to hold hands and walk around like a couple so I said ok because I was bored. We walked about for a bit then we bumped into another of his friends, he let go of my hand and said this is who I really love, I kissed him on the cheek and said: “I’ve always liked you since we were little, I wanted your attention as a friend for so long”  we both smiled and all three of us walked over to my friends stall. She introduced us to a man with a radio lift: the lift names the top 20 creatives alive so we all went off to take the lift.

The lift was tiny and really rough and fast we were all shared and packed in tight. I think if we weren’t we would have fallen out as it was a metal caged lift and not a strong one. Two of us were on the list but I don’t remember who. The whole dream I was wearing a wig made of different strands of fabric a lot of that betting they use in tutus and under skirts, the wig blew all over the place in the lift and tangled around the metal bars and everyone else.

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