the derelict building

It was a mild summer evening and i was walking along near the beach, it was warm but not warm enough not to wear a coat.  I noticed that the window was smashed and a large cinder brick lend under it to make it easy to climb in. The building had been disused and rotting for the four years I have lived here, it’s gone now but this happened before that. I got my friend we came back and we climbed in through together. The inside was completely derelict and looked amazing.

It was an old hardware and tools shop, the room we had claimed into was small but the next was lard with a high ceiling and an old customer service desk with a large sign above it. There was pigeon poo everywhere and pigeons sat on beams on what was left of the ceiling. They occasional fluttered off and the noise echoed; it was a very quiet and strangely peaceful place. The way the light came in was nice, it leaked through cracks in the creaking ceiling so it easily felt like day time but the whole room as in a slight shadow.
There was another small room that had an old cupboard in the wall and broken safe on the floor and then next to that a set if stairs. We were half way up the stairs about to look over the whole place from a platform when we were called out by the police.
We were only in there for about five minutes before the police arrived and chucked us out so I only got about eight photos. There were three of them, they took us into the small room by the broken window, ran our details and searched us. Then we all had to exit out the window again and we went home.
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