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1: Soft stripes Awkward lighting Slowly drinking. 2: He raises the cup to his mouth The twilight zone on the TV A slurping sound of drinking She carefully touches her face There will be soup for dinner. 3: Words spill … Continue reading

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Hatoful boyfriend

I found a game a while ago called Hatoful boyfriend: the player is a girl at an all bird high school where she is the only human, it’s sort of a dating game and you choose ┬áto do and say … Continue reading

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Wool gathering

Wool gathering isn’t that an image, my mind just runs with the idea. Patti Smith has written a book called wool gathering but I haven’t read it, I almost don’t want to ruin my ideas of the content by actually … Continue reading

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Book With Brown Paper

This is a book I made out of scraps that I had lying around. The prints on the brown paper were done with potato stamps, the photo of the cards was cut from a magazine. The polaroid was done by … Continue reading

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