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Noodles are one of my favourite things. I’ve eaten lots of different noodles from lots of different place, I’ve tried lots of different packets of instant noodles and even cooked my own versions of a noodle bowl. My favourite instant … Continue reading

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Taxi To Nowhere

Taxi to nowhere is a sort of game, or maybe a kind of adventure: you get I to a taxi and ask to go say eighteen pounds north. The amount you spend and the direction are changeable, the point is … Continue reading

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Numbered thoughts

ONE: Outside is cold   The world full of rain   Inside is steamy   The water was warm     TWO: We walked though fisherman land   I’m thinking about saffron   Carrying granary bread in a basket   … Continue reading

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A couple of dreams

Dream one: I was messing around with my retainer in my mouth, someone else was there doing the same things with there’s like it was a game and we had to try and do the same tricks as each other … Continue reading

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Squash Copy.

I scanned a squash, I wanted to photocopy it but my scanner doesn’t do that in the same way as a xerox machine does and the quality of the print isn’t brilliant. I did some still scans and somewhere it … Continue reading

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Two writings about the radio.

ONE: We could spend nights in just listening to the radio, On the sofa lying still, There’re talking about mushrooms tonight, You’re hugging me through the landline, I can’t seem to relax or feel right but talking to you got … Continue reading

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Newspaper book: N°5

This time last year I started to have trouble making things again. I was stuck on a tiny island with no one I could talk to about art and I had a news paper, I decided to make this newspaper … Continue reading

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