Horror film.

Lying in bed watching the film and it’s too much for me so I pick up my Iphone to distract myself from how horrible it is, I want to see the end I it, I always think that seeing the end will give me closure on the experience. Facebook isn’t distracting enough so I send a text.



I’m watching this really freaky film called ‘a cure for wellness’, I think it’s only just come out but it’s like a mental hospital with eels in swimming pools…. I don’t like it anymore but I want to see the end. My film choices are so bad.



I saw the trailer looks horrible.



It is horrible! And it keeps getting worse! I just read the blurb and it sounded interesting but omg no no no. It doesn’t even make sense It’s just weird and gross, it has a lot of potential to be really good if they changed the whole plot and took the gross bits away. What I’m trying to say is the lighting is nice.






Where do you go to do the therapy your mum booked for you?



It’s in London.



Do you feel anymore sure about doing it now? I’m not going to sleep tonight you know.



Yer even the trailer made me not sleep.



It’s so fucked up. I always think seeing the end will help and it always makes it worse. I should have just read a book instead but I’ve even been making bad book choices recently.



Yer I know what you mean about the end.



It didn’t end properly at all! Urgh urgh fuck haha.



Oh no that’s shit.



I should quit horror films I think. I wish I knew why I was even interested, need to do some deep thinking.



Yer I think so good plan.



‘In the film they give you a context, a symbolic one that stands for the deep terror inside so many of us. It riles up the fear and then shows the ways to release it. And that is one major reason it is so popular. You can be terrorised safely in a warm environment and live through someone else’s catharsis. What a great formula. You can walk out of the theatre relieved and calmer and the price was very paltry.’ Janov, 2012. (http://cigognenews.blogspot.co.uk/2012/01/on-scary-movies.html)



Sometimes I wonder if something traumatic happened to me that I don’t remember…is that crazy?



No I feel like that to sometimes.



Freaky isn’t it…maybe we should do hypnosis it something? Not together as in right next to each other but like together as in doing the same thing.



Yer I’m reading loads of Carl Jung stuff it’s really interesting in trying to interpret all my dreams.



I’ve been having weird dreams too…we should talk about our dreams soon. I’m going to call you soon.






I’m going to try and go to sleep now night night.



Night night hope you can sleep.

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Taxi To Nowhere

Taxi to nowhere is a sort of game, or maybe a kind of adventure: you get I to a taxi and ask to go say eighteen pounds north. The amount you spend and the direction are changeable, the point is to get the taxi to nowhere. The game is best played with two to four players.


(packing a bag with sandwiches, a map and a flask of coffee is optional but mentioned below)


The reason this game isn’t played in a car is so you can continue on foot without  having to go back to the car: when you get there you just get out and start walking. The idea is to end up somewhere you haven’t been or at least weren’t planning to go to, and to discover different things, journeys and ways of traveling. When you reach the drop off point going to places you can only get to on foot would be preferable, it would be using the mode of transportation to it’s full potential. In a city this way be going down small alley ways, into multi story buildings or through parks. In the country side it might be climbing across a river, climbing stiles or going into forests.


Take a map with you and look for marked places of places interest to head towards but don’t be get set on an idea; don’t be afraid to deviate from your route if you see anything interesting. Getting lost is impossible when you don’t have a destination. Follow something: a double yellow line, a brick wall, ride the bus to the end of it’s route, a fence , a hedge, a stream, a butterfly or the smell of cooking. Get out your sandwiches and stop for a break when you find somewhere worth sitting down. Collect things on the journey: rocks, twigs, takeaway coffee cups, sweet wrappers, photographs or postcards.


When you are done with nowhere find out where nowhere is and call another taxi to come and take you back to somewhere, sit and wait with a cup of coffee you brought in the flask, it should still be warm.


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Three images on windows, taken by the harbour.

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Numbered thoughts


Outside is cold


The world full of rain


Inside is steamy


The water was warm




We walked though fisherman land


I’m thinking about saffron


Carrying granary bread in a basket


The books call from window



Evening light creeps across the floorboards


Two squashes on top of each other


A damp towel in a puddle on the floor


Gulls call outside in the distance


Everything is quiet in the room


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Painted Pages

A book made from painted news paper pages. Possibly a finished piece, likley a work in progress.

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The Harbour


At the very beginning of the harbour is a slightly sunken boat, it would be completely sunk if the water was deeper but at that end of the harbour it’s only a meter or two deep. The boats lying at an angle and the water is flooded part of the deck; it’s a medium sized fishing boat painted in red, yellow and light blue in a few places. There is a rotting wooden deck and a cabin, in the rotting deck is a hatch leading down into the bottom of the boat, it’s open and the insulation on the door of the hatch is exposed and half of it missing.  There are a few white painted ladders for reaching various parts of the boat, they are all rusty. It’s moored to the harbour pier with blue rope.

There’s some sort of barrier by the edge of the water near the boat, I’m not sure if it had anything to do with the boat though, maybe to stop people trying to board it from the roof of the cabin? It’s quite low down so the roof of the cabin is about the same level as the harbour pier. The other boats all have their decks about this level or a bit lower, basically at the normal hight to board.
I sort of wanted to climb on and explore the boat but it looked slippery and I didn’t know how rotten the deck was or if it would hold my weight at all. Going below deck could have been entirely under the water too and it was quite a cold winters day. It was would have been harder to get to the boat with the barrier there: I guess it was doing it’s job ok.
Opposite the boat was a stack of lobster pots and in front of them loads  of dead, clear, jelly like worms. They are probably used for catching fish. I accidentally stood on a few while looking at the boat, they looked disgusting and were even worse feeling to step on the kind of thing nightmares are made of. I walked up to the end of the pier where there were two men fishing then back down again, past the sunk boat and discarded worms and back off towards the town.
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Three Line Poems.


Stones with holes,

Coffee in paper cups,

Stealing your style.

Artist unknown,
Small toes poking out of grey leggings,
A glass with sunflowers on TV.
Gosh darn it’s nippy,


Hairy knees poking though ripped jeans and coffee,

Sometimes I forget to be lonely.
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