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I was watching a Tv show called: how to be bohemian, I think it was on iplayer ( when it was still free to watch) and they were talking about this group of people, i cant remember who, that wrote … Continue reading

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Hatoful boyfriend

I found a game a while ago called Hatoful boyfriend: the player is a girl at an all bird high school where she is the only human, it’s sort of a dating game and you choose  to do and say … Continue reading

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Noodles are one of my favourite things. I’ve eaten lots of different noodles from lots of different place, I’ve tried lots of different packets of instant noodles and even cooked my own versions of a noodle bowl. My favourite instant … Continue reading

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I want to write letters to everyone I know, I feel like I have a lot to say but I don’t know what any of it is, I’ve felt strangely social the last few days too, I’ve been being friendly … Continue reading

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Horror film.

Lying in bed watching the film and it’s too much for me so I pick up my Iphone to distract myself from how horrible it is, I want to see the end I it, I always think that seeing the … Continue reading

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Hidden Corporate Whores

Jarvis cocker has done an advert for Sainsbury’s. I am completely heart broken that yet another person I thought was brilliant and even someone thought I would like to be like, is just another sell out. He has done the voice … Continue reading

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